Lighthouse Investment Partners

A global investment firm delivering alternative investment solutions through the advantages of hedge fund managed account innovation.

Core values:


We look to generate results independent of traditional market direction by focusing on specialist managers and idiosyncratic security selection.


We provide innovative investment solutions and services and can adapt to industry change.

Managing Risk

We seek to protect investor capital and manage risk while growing returns.


We are committed to providing solutions that exceed our investors’ expectations and those of the managers with whom we work.


Our managed account platform provides information on portfolio holdings on a daily basis.

Our solutions:

The foundation for all of our services is our proprietary managed accounts program.  Entrepreneurial and innovative, Lighthouse has since its inception employed proprietary managed accounts. We believe this has allowed us to build truly differentiated alternative asset portfolios with idiosyncratic exposures, and it spurs our continuing evolution.

Lighthouse invests in portfolios of actively managed hedge funds that seek to diversify traditional market exposures. Our objective is to create and deliver innovative investment solutions that safely compound investor capital.

Each managed account is typically owned by at least one Lighthouse fund and is managed by a Lighthouse entity. Portfolio fund managers are authorised by Lighthouse to trade the assets within each managed account in accordance with defined investment guidelines and parameters.

Commingled Funds

Lighthouse manages a number of multi-strategy and strategy-focused funds.  The funds utilise Lighthouse's proprietary managed accounts which own and control the assets and liabilities, and authorise portfolio managers to trade the assets within certain guidelines.

The largest strategies for the commingled funds are:

  • Diversified – which is a multi-strategy, absolute return strategy with low correlation and beta to traditional markets.
  • Global Long/Short – which is a global long/short equity fund seeking equity-like returns with lower volatility than traditional global equity investments.
  • North Rock - specialising in absolute return strategies with a low correlation to public equity markets.  The North Rock fund houses multiple investment teams, representing independent investment specialists operating under North Rock’s platform.

Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions offers investors who are able to commit to a significant investment size the ability to access the benefits of the managed account structure in their own customised portfolio while still receiving portfolios construction, manager selection and due diligence services from the Lighthouse investment team.

Lighthouse is able to work closely with large strategic investors to customise their alternative investment exposure and meet specific needs across middle office, risk monitoring and investment advisory services.

Platform Services

Platform Services provides clients who have significant allocations to hedge fund assets to access the benefits of a managed account structure while maintaining control of manager selection and allocation decisions.

We offer our clients a unique skill set and knowledge which allows us to provide clients with efficient onboarding, specialised legal structuring and compliance services, counterparty management and robust operational oversight. Our internally built expertise also means we can offer a high level of customisation, and support purpose-built tools for advanced portfolio analytics, risk management and treasury functionality.

Lighthouse has built its infrastructure over time to handle the complexity of operating a large account program in terms of number of managers strategies and assets under management.