Assets Under Management


Navigator Global Investments Group assets under management as at 30 June 2022 is
USD 22.9 billion.


Lighthouse Investment Partners

Lighthouse Investment Partners has assets under management of USD 14.4 billion.


AUM change from 30 June 2021 to 30 June 2022

  30 June 2021 Net flows1 Performance2 30 June 2022
Platform Hedge Funds USD 1.68 bn ▲ USD 0.83 bn ▲ USD 0.08 bn USD 2.59 bn
Hedge Fund Solutions        
Commingled Funds USD 2.94 bn ▼ USD 0.51 bn ▲ USD 0.01 bn USD 2.44 bn
Customised Solutions USD 4.16 bn ▼ USD 0.48 bn ▲ USD 0.06 bn USD 3.74 bn
Managed Account Services USD 5.15 bn ▲ USD 0.20 bn ▲ USD 0.29 bn USD 5.64 bn
Total AUM USD 13.93 bn ▲ USD 0.04 bn ▲ USD 0.44 bn USD 14.41 bn

1. Net flows includes monies received by Lighthouse for applications and any redemptions effective 1 July 2022. This convention in relation to the reporting of net flows and AUM has been consistently applied by the NGI Group since January 2008.

2. Performance includes investment performance, market movements, the impacts of foreign exchange on non-USD denominated AUM and distributions (if any).

3.  AUM is estimated and is based on performance estimates which may be subject to revision upon final audit. AUM may include transfers from other Lighthouse Funds that occurred on the first day of the following month.


Portfolio of minority interests in alternative asset managers

Estimated portfolio assets under management, as adjusted for Navigator's ownership interest,
is USD 7.9 billion.             

Longreach Alternatives Ltd

Estimated funds under management of Longreach Alternatives Ltd, as adjusted for Navigator's 34.1% ownership interest, is USD 0.6 billion