Risk Management

The Board is committed to the establishment and maintenance of adequate risk management systems. The risk management policy has been adopted by the Board and presents the framework upon which the Company will meet its risk management obligations. The Board has delegated responsibilities under this policy to the Audit and Risk Committee.

The policy deals with the risks specific to Navigator in its capacity as an ASX-listed entity and parent entity to alternative investment business Lighthouse Investment Partners. Lighthouse is responsible for ensuring that it has in place appropriate risk management policies and procedures to meet its business, regulatory and operational requirements in the jurisdictions in which it operates.

It is the responsibility of every employee to appropriately manage risk within their area of responsibility. To this end Navigator places strong emphasis on maintaining a risk-aware culture in its decision making and operational processes.

Through our risk management processes, risk issues are identified, analysed and treated in a consistent manner. Navigator’s risk management system is designed to:

  • provide a framework for identifying, assessing, monitoring and managing risk;
  • communicate the roles and accountabilities of participants in the risk management system; and
  • highlight the status of risks to which Navigator is exposed.