Diversity Policy


Navigator’s Diversity Policy provides the framework for diversity related initiatives within the Group. This policy also provides a process for the Board to determine measurable objectives which the Group will implement and report against to achieve its diversity objectives.

Navigator is committed to providing opportunities to allow Group employees to reach their full potential irrespective of individual backgrounds or differences.

Navigator's Diversity Policy is not intended to be applied so as to endorse diversity as the principal criteria for the selection and promotion of employees and directors. An employee or director’s skills, experience and overall prospects of adding value to the Group shall take precedence over diversity considerations. Similarly, the Diversity Policy does not impose any obligation to engage in, or justification for engaging in, any conduct that is contrary to any applicable anti-discrimination or equal opportunity laws.


Whilst a key focus of the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations is to promote the role of women in organisations, Navigator acknowledges that gender is only one aspect of workplace diversity. Other forms of diversity are also important, and as such Navigator's overriding diversity objectives are to:

  • have an awareness of the importance of diversity, and the benefits that a diverse workforce can bring to business strategy, practices, decision-making and success;
  • have an inclusive corporate culture characterised by practices and behaviours which benefit all employees and directors, and which values the contributions of employees and directors with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives; and
  • create and maintain a workforce with diversity of backgrounds and skills, ensuring people are appointed based on merit and are given equal access to opportunities to continue to enhance their skills and experience.

Specific diversity objectives will be set on an annual basis, and an assessment of whether these objectives were achieved will be conducted by the Company Secretary and reported to the Remuneration and Nominations Committee each year.

Specific annual diversity objectives will be set taking into account the size and nature of Group operations, as well as the geographic location of employees.


The Remuneration and Nomination Committee will be responsible for assessing on an annual basis the achievement against diversity objectives, including gender diversity objectives regarding the representation of women at all levels of the organisation.

Senior Management within the Group are responsible for:

  • implementing initiatives in order to achieve the diversity objectives; and
  • identifying areas within the Company which would benefit from further focus on diversity.


Diversity Policy