Codes of Conduct

The objective of the Employee and Director Codes of Conduct is to provide officers and employees of Navigator Global Investments (“Navigator”) with guidelines to be followed in performing their duties, to ensure the achievement of the highest possible standards in the discharge of their obligations, and ensure officers and employees have a clear understanding of best practice in corporate governance.

The Codes aim to:

  • communicate the expected standards of behaviour;
  • communicate officers’ and employees’ responsibilities to shareholders, fellow employees, the broader community and other relevant stakeholders; and
  • protect the interests of shareholders, employees and other relevant stakeholders.

Navigator is committed to ensuring that the highest standards of honesty, integrity, ethics and legality are upheld and enforced. The Codes apply to any officer and employee of Navigator or its subsidiaries, and any contractor whose contract with Navigator is exclusive or more than three months in duration.

 Director Code of Conduct

Director Code of Conduct


Employee Code of Conduct